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Some of the Events I Lead

Half-Day Retreats for Men
These workshops are suitable for any man who knows how to ground, run energy and blow up a rose. That is, anyone who has had “The Basics,” in the Netherlands or Germany, or "Meditation One" or "Tap Into Your True Self” in California or elsewhere. If you can read an aura, all the better. A community of men from across North America and Europe will "meet" in an online conference room to experience shared meditation, exchange healing, and discover our each man's unique version of maculinity. In order to accommodate people in both California and Europe, the start time will be 10am in California which is 7pm in Europe. We’ll go for about two and a half to three hours.

Male and Female bodies operate differently in physical, emotional and spiritual ways. This series of half-day Mens’ Retreats gives us a chance to explore all of those differences, with emphasis on the spiritual. We will use meditation, healing and reading as modes of exploration. Our main goal is to find our own male space, that space in which we can slow down enough to be ourselves, ignoring the expectations of other people—especially women. Male space means being the men we really are, not being “real men.” Once we meditate our way into genuine male space, we’ll explore an aspect of male experience.

Past examples include:
   Identifying male energy within our bodies
   Freedom from responsibility
   Going slower than beings, women, cell phones, email, texts, microwaves and more
   Mom: how she made you perfect, and how to escape
   Mom: feel the love without resisting
   Mom: accepting her flaws, in her space and yours
   You and Your Father
   Your Incarnation from Conception Forward

A community of men from across North America and Europe will "meet" in an online conference room to experience shared meditation, exchange healings, and discover our each man's unique version of masculinity. In order to accommodate people in both California and Europe, the start time will be 10am in California, which is 7pm in Europe. We’ll go for about two and a half to three hours.


2021 Schedule of Mens' Retreats
   Saturday, January 16
   Saturday, February 13
   Saturday, March 13
   Saturday, April 17
   Saturday, May 15
   Saturday, June 12
   Saturday, July 10
   Saturday, August 7
   Saturday, September 11
   Saturday, October 23
   Saturday, November 27
   Saturday, January 8, 2022

The cost is $40US or €40 for each event. You can register here. Upon registration, you'll see a confirmation message which includes the link to the online classroom for the retreat. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Marc.

Monthly Meditations for Graduates and Clairvoyant Students
These are meditations for anyone who has started or completed a Clairvoyant Program anywhere. We created them as a once-a-month opportunity to exercise and refresh the tools learned in the Clairvoyant Program, including:
   Running Energy
   Being in the Center of Your Head
   Clearing Your Space
   Creating and Destroying Pictures
   Reclaiming your energy
   Controlling your Chakras
   Controlling your Aura
   Creating and Destroying Pictures
   And several more

Each month we also venture beyond those basics to examine a specific set of pictures, expand our tool set, or explore a new concept. We meet online at 7:00pm to run energy for 1/2 hour and begin the meditation promptly at 7:30.

You can register for any one Montly Meditation here.
You can get a discounted pass for any five Montly Meditations here.

Scheduled Monthly Meditations for 2021
   Tuesday, January 5
   Tuesday, February 2
   Tuesday, March 2
   Tuesday, April 6
   Tuesday, May 4
   Tuesday, June 8

You can register for any of the meditations, workshops and retreats I lead right here.

How and Where to Get Started
I teach classes and lead events for people at a variety of levels of experience. At this time I am not offering introductory classes. If you are getting in "at the ground floor" I suggest you contact one of my long-time colleagues who teach "the basics."
   • Rev. Judith Catalano at the San Jose Psychic Institute. She teaches online and in San Jose, California. Judith and I were co-founders there.
   • Cody Edner at Intuitive Vision. He teaches online from his location in Colorado.
   • Madeline Hartman at Psychic Awakenings in Seattle, WA

If you have had any class at any of the above organizations or any similar one, then you know how to ground, run energy and blow a rose.

About What I Teach
Most people have no control of their own minds: thoughts and images arise without their direction—or even permission! But the images we "look" at have a tremendous influence on our bodies and our behavior. Most of the time the images we "look" at come from media: TV, the Internet, movies, etc. What if you took control of what fills your mind? What if you concentrated on images of yourself, whole, as your true self? One way to describe meditation is the intentional visualization of images to influence our minds, bodies, and behavior. People report changes as a result of this kind of meditation: increased "mindfulness," ability to be present, greater calm and self-control, less reactivity to situations that used to "push your buttons." The list goes on. But I am not part of the vast "self-help" industry. You're fine just as you are right now. Take some time to be yourself. Relax, you don't need to do anything. Another way to describe meditation is to stop doing in favor of being.

I have been a clairvoyant reader for over 35 years and a spiritual teacher for more than 30. For 24 years I taught within the Berkley Psychic Institute which Lewis Bostwick created in 1973 and led until his death in 1995. In 2011 some colleagues and I founded the Community Church for Spiritual Growth in San Jose, where I've taken turns teaching almost every class we offered. Back in the mid-1970s some of Lewis' other students emigrated to the Netherlands and around 2008 mutual friends introduced me to some of their students. Since 2010 I've made four trips to Europe where I've taught groups in The Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany.

Learning and practicing spiritual and psychic tools has surely changed my life; I believe that in passing on what I have learned, I have allowed other people to change their lives, too. Clairvoyance, or aura reading, allows me to see and begin to understand the gifts and special challenges that belong to another person. By sharing this perspective I am often able to help others increase their own self-knowledge, to open their eyes to choosing better options for themselves. Even when a reading does not produce such transformative results, it can be very rewarding for me, because as I learn about other people, I am learning about myself. When I see the obstacles that confront someone else, I can see my own more clearly; when I see a path they might take around those obstacles, I may discover one for myself. While I enjoy the practice of reading auras myself, I find it at least as rewarding to teach it to others. Receiving a reading offers the possibility of a revelation, an epiphany; over time, doing readings all but guarantees it. Reading auras can bring a more profound self-awareness than many people achieve in a lifetime. Teaching brings another layer of understanding. I enjoy showing others a route to the discovery of their own truth. The farther inward we go, the more we stand to learn about ourselves. The most extraordinary journeys I’ve had are through a series of meditations that my primary teacher (Lewis Bostwick) called “One to One.” The name is taken from the creed of the church he started, “… a one to one contact between the cosmic and a living soul…” One to One meditations are designed to allow one to explore his/her most essential nature, beyond the boundaries of physical genetics, beyond the boundaries of birth and death. Exploring this territory in my own personal universe, and being a guide for others as they explore their own, has provided my deepest satisfaction.

Origin and History of What I Teach
Throughout his adventures as a sailor in WWII, travels thereafter, and his return to his boyhood home in the East Bay, Lewis S Bostwick was a spiritual seeker. From the mid 1960s through the early 70s, his home in Berkeley was an informal school for the spiritually curious. In 1973 he incorporated the Church of Divine Man, and under that legal umbrella he called his school the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Five years later he began sending his students out into the greater Bay Area to open satellite institutes. I took my first class at what became the Berkeley Psychic Institute of San Jose in 1978.

Lewis Bostwick expected his church to grow, he though he was starting a spiritual movement. He was right. Though his church is not the central hub of that movement, Lewis' students have created schools, institutes and churches of their own all over the US and around the world. Their students have done the same, and on and on. The basic core of what Lewis taught is now amazingly popular and widespread. Lewis died in March of 1995. In May of that year, the Psychic Reader newspaper, which he and his wife Susan had started, published an issue chronicling his life. I've digitized that issue and I offer it to you here.

Josh Schultz, who graduated the Berkeley Psychic Institute in the early 2000's, has digitized a huge set of resources and materials, including many other issues of the Psychic Reader. You can find them at the website he's created. Access to that site is not open to the general public, but if you want to have a look, send me an email and I'll tell you how to get in.